Pay for parking at your own convenience

We live in the information era, with online shopping & electronic payments ingraining into our lives. Yet, why paying for parking has to be so *physical*? We dont either, but we have the answer: Parkbyphone e-Payment!

Whether youre looking to park hourly or over the long term, if youre an individual or an organisation, Parkbyphone e-Payment has a solution for you!

Parkbyphone e-Payment doesnt simply solve one parking problem, it solves all at once!

e-Payment is a component in Parkbyphone that allows you to access the whole suite of parking payment solutions. If youre parking hourly, you can use e-app and use the e-permit for long term. Organisations can subscribe to e-business. All of these within easy reach of Parkbyphone e-Payment platform.

e-Payment also makes your parking payments seamlessly know to enforcers. They just scan your vehicles registration number to find out if youve been naughty or nice. No more tickets & coupons littering your dashboard and no more sticky residue from your parking permits. Most importantly, no more running to & fro to pay for parking, just to stay the law abiding citizen that you are.


Your solution to everything parking

Nearly everything today can be answered with theres an app for that.
But parking? Fat chance! We've fixed that, with the Parkbyphone e-app.

Now on-street parking can be paid for with a few simple taps, intuitively & seamlessly. Need something more than hourly parking? Go ahead & access your e-permit & e-business with our e-app.

But you might still ask: What does a parking app do? It won't park your car, & you definitely shouldn't trust an app that offers to do that. But once you're parked, just follow these easy steps here and the e-app will ensure you stay in the right.

With e-app, anything about hourly parking we can deal with. Paying for your stay, paying for a friend, & paying for your summons (not that youll get any, using Parkbyphone & its built-in parking alerts). We've got you covered.

Admit it: you love parking permits for their convenience. Never would you have imagined them getting any more convenient. Until now: with Parkbyphone e-permit, the only parking permit solution youll ever need. With e-permit, youll never damage or lose your electronic pass. Renewals happen on your screen rather than at the end of a queue. Parking permits don't get any better than this.

So you know where youll always park. Work, business, or pleasure, youll want some way to pay for it. The obvious solution: parking permits. But parking permits get damaged. They get lost. They become illegally illegible. Dont even start on the queues you'll face when renewing them.That is, until you use e-permits all the conveniences of a parking permit in a handy electronic package.

As long as your car has a registration number, you have your parking permit. No more worries about that getting ripped apart or worn away (if it does happen, you have bigger problems to worry about than losing your parking permit). Renewals happen in three taps or less on the Parkbyphone app. Unless you have a paper fetish, there's no reason to not use Parkbyphones e-permit.

Employers & employees, we've got your parking sorted

There's one thing about giving employees parking benefits: why bother? Amounts are so small & administration so tedious that its hardly ever worth it until now.

Employers: Manage your parking benefits without scribbling even a single sheet of paper. The discounted parking seems like a fringe benefit in comparison.
Employees: No more keeping parking receipts as business trip souvenirs. No out of pocket parking expenses & lengthy claims processes.
PbP e-business: Making parking work for your organisation

With PbP e-business, not only will employers be able to disburse parking benefits, but have complete records of where & when employees park available to them, whenever its needed. Nothing makes employees happy, productive, & motivated like parking where their clients are & knowing that everything is taken care of.

With all this, the discounted parking credits is just the cherry on top. We transfer the benefit of your purchasing power back to you, giving you discounts on using on-street parking throughout the Parkbyphone network. Yet more savings to your cost of doing business.

Employees need not to worry about mixing work with pleasure, because their personal & business Pbp accounts separated. Your bosses would never know where you parked when you had that amazing grilled fish. Nor do you need to bother to retain parking receipts, since these are made automatically available to you & your employer to verify your e-business parking transactions.

Serving you with all your parking needs

Parkbyphone is an all-inclusive system, giving all users access to the benefits of using this seamless electronic parking solution, regardless of where they park or what gadgets they use. For users without access to smartphones or the internet, they will be able to use Parkbyphone’s network of agents, powered by the e-Agent software, to fulfil all their parking needs.

e-Agent allows Parkbyphone agents, whether on their smartphones or PCs, to assist customers to make any parking transaction imaginable. Whether you need to top up your Parkbyphone credits, pay for short term parking, purchase parking permits, or even pay for your parking compounds, your friendly Parkbyphone agent is ready to assist. Look them up over here.

Customers looking to pay for parking using the Parkbyphone system without resorting to their own smartphones, or even registering for an account can do so easily at our network agents. All that an agent needs is your vehicle’s plate number & payment for services rendered. Absolutely zero fuss.

But it’s not only this that they can do. Whatever your parking needs, our agents will come to your rescue. Do you need a monthly pass? We got you covered. Having difficulties registering for a Parkbyphone account? The e-Agent can do that for you. All within an easy to use platform, for both you & our Parkbyphone agents.

Maybe you want to help fellow citizens with their parking needs? Join our cadre of agents & unleash your potential. We’re always looking for agents, whether based in premises or as mobile agents, in all areas where Parkbyphone is used. Contact our agent manager at 03-55159838 for more information. Let’s work together with Parkbyphone & create great parking experiences!



Parking enforcement like youve never imagined before

Imagine a parking enforcement system that needs nothing but from you but your license plate.

Imagine a parking enforcement system that talks, not only with itself but with other transport agencies, financial Institutions & even you, the user.

Imagine a parking enforcement system that uses nothing but the cloud, but does more than anything that has come before it. You're imagining Parkbyphones e-Enforcement.

e-Enforcement is the other side of the coin in Parkbyphones integrated parking solution. Councils would use these to manage parking operations within their jurisdictions, whether it is verifying parking payments, tracking parking occupancy, or managing enforcement activities.

The long arm of the law grows longer with e-Enforcement, with Parkbyphone allowing councils to track parking payments & offenses, & direct its resources to making parking better for everyone.


Parking enforcement simply point & click

With Parkbyphones e-trek, that's all enforcement has to be. Enforcers point their handheld to your vehicles registration plate

and everything they need to know, from your parking expiry to your summons history pops up.

Most importantly, they'll know you've paid for parking, without once needing to look beyond your windscreen.

In a world where your parking coupon is your vehicles license plate, the ability to read them automatically with ANPR becomes very powerful. Enforcers will know who have paid for parking & who hasn't, all by giving their handhelds a simple glance of your license plate.

The handhelds themselves are a minor miracle. With e-Enforcement built on open source platforms, it is possible to see enforcers using a wide variety of devices, although the official Parkbyphone handheld will be the most common. But all these handhelds, in whatever shape & size will allow enforcers to issue summons, receive payments, stay in touch with their superiors, & most importantly ensure your parking experience is a pleasant one.


Enforcement management redefined

Dozens of enforcers, hundreds of streets, thousands of parking bays. How will a council go about managing enforcement?

The answer is clear: Parkbyphones e-officer that gives councils a complete view of the parking situation on the ground.

Manage enforcement activities, track the state of parking as it happens, & provide parking information whenever its needed. What more would councils need?

Do you know how your council keeps track of their enforcers? Often, the councils don't either.

It is a heavy burden for councils planning enforcement, tracking parking transactions, & keeping on top of the parking situation. Fortunately there's Parkbyphone's e-officer in the councils toolkit.

Councils need to plan how to best utilise their resources to give you the best parking experience. Councils need to know how the parking situation looks on the ground as it develops & make sure enforcers are where they're needed. Councils need data & analytics to make long term decisions on parking now & in the future.

With e-officer: done, done & done.